Brown v. Board of Education


Linda Brown Thompson

Born: February 20, 1942

Birthplace: Topeka, Kansas


   Linda Brown was the oldest out of her other two sisters Terry and Cheryl. Her father Oliver Brwon was recruited by the NAACP(National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) attorney Charles Scott. The brown family lived in an intergrated neighborhood however even though the children played together they weren't able to attend the same school. Linda Brown had to walk a mile to a bus stop with her sister just to be able to attend Monroe Elementary School.

   The lawsuit Brown v Board of Education started in 1951 when Mr. Brown and 13 other families tried to enroll their children into an all white school. In 1953 Oliver Brown became a pastor and moved his family to another intergrated neighborhood. When the supreme court made a decision Linda Brown was in junior high and secondary schools were intergrated already. In 1961 Linda graduated from Springfield's Central High School. June of 1961 Oliver Brown died.

   Linda attended Washburn University and took a couple of classes at Kansas State University. In 1963 she married Charles Smith then divorced him and married Leonard Buckner who died in the late 1980's. In 1996 she married William Thompson and currently is living in Topeka with her mother, children and grandchildren.